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Bolt It is an on-demand application for package pickups and deliveries.
The service is instantaneous, secure and reliable.

Bolt Your Parcel Now!

Packed with Features

We have specially designed our app to be your personal courier service on the go.
With a beautiful interface, streamlined ordering process and high end security, your next send could be as easy as 1-2-3.

User-friendly Design

Interactive Booking System

View your order history

Real-time parcel tracking

Fast, quick and intuitive

Secure payments


Download Our App

You can download our app from the Google Play or Apple Store. The app is lightweight with minimal permissions and seamlessly integrates with any device. The app is FREE, easy to use and customise.

Provide receiver's details

Once you have registered on the app, select your recipient (the person to receive the parcel) and their details with a single tap from your contacts.

Provide delivery and parcel details

Enter the recipient’s address and contact details and the nature of the delivery parcel. Enter the location and pick up. You will then need to upload an image of the package as reference for the driver and enter weight and dimensions for the package. The cost will be determined and displayed according to these inputs.

    Find a driver

    Quickly and easily find a driver near to you. We automatically use GPS to set your pick up location. You may also enter an exact address or search for a venue name by tapping the pickup location tab. Select from the available vehicle options.

    Secure payment

    Capture and save your payment details securely to confirm your order. You can add more than one payment card. A validation or validity check is performed for each payment card added. You should be able to select a default payment card, but also be able to change between the payment cards before a payment is made.

      Quick Collection

      Once confirmed, your driver arrives to collect your parcel within a set amount of time.

      Real-time tracking

      Once your delivery has left, you and your recipient can safely track the shipment directly from the app. After a driver has accepted a pickup/collection, the driver will be tracked from his/her current location to the pickup location.

        Customer satisfaction

        The customer is notified throughout the process of order and receiving packages. Typical notifications will be an order confirmation, payment notification, driver en route notification, package collected, package delivered, etc. If a receiver has the app installed, they will receive notifications of the delivery. If a receiver does not have the app installed, they will be notified via SMS.

        It's Awesome

        Our proudest innovations!

        Fast, quick and intuitive

        Secure payments

        Real-time tracking